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fitness training for adults

fitness training for adults

From April 2018, we also prepare space for two groups - fitness and medical - on Wednesday, 19.00 - 20.00 in Sokol Břevnov (14 Helena Malířová Street, P6), which will be trained in parallel under a leadership of experienced coaches.

This is a training using TRX, GUN-Ex, BOSU, and more. The goal is to improve fitness with an emphasis on the health aspect of exercise and to complement swimming training on compensatory exercises that will help us through training without unnecessary injuries and smiles.
We would like to add the "warm up" exercise to the exercise during the start at 6.30 pm at Ladronka park, then join the gym at the gym.
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Mgr. Jan Hnilička
CEO, Sports Coach & Consultant
+420 777 274 275

Anna Čadková
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