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gymnastics for young athletes

gymnastics for young athletes

Do you have at home a small prospective athlete who practise several times per week and there is no extra time for another sports activities during working days.
Bring him/her to our regular weekend gymnastic lesson at the Dlabačov hall. We practice every Sunday from 10:00 to 12:30 or after lunch 13-15h. We also offer individual lessons on Saturday between 13-16h.
Kids learn a lot of new exercises in the lesson, also will practice all the gymnastics equipment, strengthen the core of the body and develop new movement skills.
Great complementary activity for regular sports training!

Sunday gymnastic exercise focus at compensating the unilateral loading of the kids apparatus.
One-sided loading by a selected sport discipline leads to muscle dysbalance and consequently to poor posture and further fixation of poor movement habits. These stereotypes then deepen the unilateral overload, and this twisty circle can have a double negative impact on athletes. First, it can lead to pain, functional disorders and long-term effects, as well as changes in the movement system, ie health problems.
Famous top athletes practise a large number of activities and compensatory exercises they add to their training sessions. It include, for example, exercises with the weight of the body without tools and with it (eg suspension system TRX, barefoot, large ball, etc.), various water sports, very popular yoga, martial arts and many others. It is not a novelty that especially in children, the training should be predominantly versatile and avoid only one-sided exercise. Attention should be paid to the development of all sports skills and, at a later age, to starting a specialization. As a result, it will positively affect the performance of the athlete and his future career.
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