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Health-oriented swimming

Health-oriented swimming

Individual and group lessons of health and rehabilitation swimming for those who need:

  • swimming that benefits the spine, joints and the mental state,
  • weight control,
  • keep fit with swimming training,
  • management of an experienced trainer (maleor female),
  • individual approach in training.

We organize swimming and health lessons with respect to specific health restrictions and help you reach your goals.

The doctor has recommended regular swimming for a various health restrictions, and swimming is one of the activities you can do regularly. But are not you sure about the proper swimming technique that will really help you and will not further deepen your health problems? Reach out at Sport Academy.

I want to sing up for a health oriented swimming


How do we work?

  • first we will discuss with you in a friendly place your current state of health,
  • we agree the term of the first swimming lesson, or lessons combined with the healh exercise,
  • you choose a group (max. 4 persons with one coach) or individual lessons at the place and time that suits you best,
  • you choose whether you prefer lessons with male or female trainer,
  • you go through a health swimming course with individually tailored content,
  • then you will swim independently, with regular consultations with your trainer.

Many people have a medical constraint on a medical challenge. Incorrectly moved, however, the difficulty may be more pronounced. Creating the right habit of moving in awater body, where the body weighs a tenth of its weight, relieves spine and joints, helps control weight.

Arrange a meeting with our trainer and consult your goal and health condition.




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CEO, Sports Coach & Consultant
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