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Try gymnastic parkour

Try gymnastic parkour

In these days you can see younger boys more often as they jump on the street, skip all possible fences, scaffolding, and literally oer the roofs. This new sports trend is called parkour. The goal is to be able to get from point A to point B safely, fluently and efficiently using your own body. Parkour overcome various obstacles surrounding us and can therefore be operated both in the city and in the countryside.
Come and get some fun and learn a few fun tricks!

Parkour focuses on training effective movements and developing body and mind so that you can move in peace and confidence in all situations.
in Sport Acadeny we also like parkour, we offer you new lessons to prepare you and your children to tackle various obstacles wherever you can imagine. The lesson will take place at the gymnasium in Dlabačov (SK Hradčany) and will focus mainly on acrobatic and gymnastic training. In the gym we will use all possible mattresses, a molitan pit, a trampoline and gymnastic tools, where you can safely learn the amazing tricks you can use anywhere outside on the street.




Mgr. Jan Hnilička
CEO, Sports Coach & Consultant
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