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WORKSHOP: Developmental kinesiology of preschool children

WORKSHOP: Developmental kinesiology of preschool children

The topic "motor development of preschool children" is very well mentioned by preschool children (aged 4-6) and naturally there is a lay knowledge among the parents, and there is often a lack of professional background.
Therefore, we offer a place for parents to get acquainted with the topic of child motor development and then we want to open the discussion.
Are you interested in this topic? Place us at ilovesport@sportacademy.cz, prepare a date for you or a group of parents from your kindergarten.

In the past year, we had a seminar on the motor development of preschool children in several nurseries for parents, which met with a very positive response from parents. We would like to get to know the group of nursery parents or an enthusiastic group of parents in an open workshop.

Seminar in points:

  • developmental kinesiology that deals with motor development of the child and gives clear rules for recognizing the ideal momentum of the child
    appropriate physical activity for a given child's age
  • specific content of sports activities for children aged 3-6years
  • planning of the movement and sports development of our children
  • common mistakes and widespread mistakes

Parents learn, among other things:

  • when it is a right time to start with regular sports activities for kids
  • when gradually adding more load
  • how to properly develop the child's motor development
  • how to motivate the child to sport of the early sport specialization (the unilateral loading of the locomotive apparatus)
  • compensatory exercises for children



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