We highly recommend eshop and shops (U průhonu 17, Prague 7), which offers a wide selection of swimming and other sports equipment.
We are Garmin's contractual partner and we are happy to recommend multi-sport sports watches designed for extreme and everyday sports. Our trainers use Garmin products during their lessons and in their personal lives, based on their experience they can recommend the right product. We'll help with the initial setup so you can use the full range of features and build a training program. With Garmin, you can stay connected with your trainer via, whether you're swimming, cycling, running or cross-country skiing.
Sport Academy offers its customers up to 15% discount on Garmin products.
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Fitness company, s.r.o.
Fitness company, s.r.o. is the exclusive distributor of the Technogym equipment and the contractual partner of Sport Academy Czech Republic.
Sport Academy specialists have practical experience in equipping both corporate and domestic sports rooms with fitness and cardio equipment.
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