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Running training

18.06.2024 18:00

Running training

We introduce regular cross-country training sessions to individuals and groups of athletes aimed at improving cross-country techniques and improving sports performance. We will illustrate the periodization of sports training and appropriate supplementary exercises.
Regular training will help you improve the technique and the feeling of running, and generally develop fitness.
We run flat, terrain or athletic oval.


We start on Tuesday, May 14,2024 at 6:00 pm.

The trainings combine health training, cross-country training and compensatory exercises.


Price CZK 1750 (14/5 - 25/6, 7 trainings, 250 Kč/ 1 training), or CZK 350 for a single training.

From the theoretical point of view, we explain why it is important to set the pelvis correctly for the perfect interplay of the pelvis and lower limbs. We also discuss the rotation of the rib cage and the activity of the upper limbs.


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  • THUESDAYS 6:00 PM, stadion Přátelství (Friendship), 75 min



Mgr. Jan Hnilička
CEO, Sports Coach & Consultant
+420 777 274 275
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