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Garmin: learn more and enjoy 100% of your sports training

Garmin: learn more and enjoy 100% of your sports training

Sport Academy is a Garmin contracting partner and are happy to recommend a multi-sport watch designed for extreme and everyday sports. Our trainers use Garmin products in their lessons and in their personal lives, and from experience they can recommend the right product. Want to conveniently control all the features your Garmin has to offer?
Sport Academy offers its clients up to 15% discount on Garmin products.

Do you also know the situation, when you have a new watch or another toy and you want to use it right away, but the instruction book is terribly fat and number of functions you want to use is too big?
We know it very well, so we have read the instructions manual to the end, the function has been tested in practice, so we know who is a murder. Yeah, it's not "Z". The murder is ignorance and therefore we want to show you how to work with Garmin watches.
If you don't want to use just START and STOP and want to know more, read on.
Do you want to conveniently control all the features your Garmin GPS watches?


When you know what Garmin's GPS watches can do, and how it can push your training further, it would be a shame not to take full advantage of the features.
In the Sport Academy team, you can find Garmin specialists who run individual and group workshops to engage in sports training, setup and use the Garmin features with trial training (swim, run, bike ride) where you can try it all in practice. We practically explain how to set up your watch and help you fine-tune the technique even in practice.

We help you fo choose the right GPS watches, how to set it up due to your needs, or set up training process and use all of the value to move on and prepare for your most important race.


Garmin Sports Watches can also be borrowed from our courses for children and adults - write us at ilovesport@sportacademy.cz.




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CEO, Sports Coach & Consultant
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